About Us

Gauteng Environmental Contractors Training Center (GECTC) delivers training to the contractors for the development of home and building maintenance in an environment friendly way. The Center has government approval for conducting training session to the cleaners, builders, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, pest control carpenters and gardening services contractors and any other contractors.

The Center is located at Johannesburg in South Africa. The Center has multimedia classrooms, various types of labs and premises for faculty members, staffs and participant’s. Training sessions are delivered at numerous locations throughout Johannesburg.


Gauteng Environmental Contractors Training Center (GECTC) is a successful and prosperous training centre that exceeds the expectations of its clients, partners, employees, shareholders and the whole society.


Ability to deliver training courses regarding home maintenance services under the highest quality standards for competitive prices helps Gauteng Environmental Contractors Training Center (GECTC) adjust to continuous market changes, to offer long term added-value solutions to its clients and effectively contribute to the development and expansion of green environment.

Core Values

Gauteng Environmental Contractors Training Center (GECTC) has strong belief in 5(five) Core Values that inspire and drive us every day:

  • Responsibility

    Working individually or as a team, we have good understanding of our commitments, and we are ready to take all accountability for our actions.
  • Commitment

    Working individually or as a team, we commit to do our best in all we do, and we assume conscientiousness to attain the tactical goals equally as our daily tasks.
  • Continuous improvement

    We are aware that excellence has no limits, and we put every effort to progress our skills, methods of training services, quality management system and whole organization.
  • Innovations

    We are hungry for new approaches to home and building maintenance training, modern methods and new training aids. We use the dynamic solutions and create them by ourselves.
  • Teamwork

    We work together with respect and sincerity, helping and trusting each other. We are aware that any result is the achievement of our teamwork.