GECTC Home and Property maintenance technique in an environment friendly way

Traditional cleaning services are not environment friendly because products used here are venomous which cause diseases like fatigue, allergies, asthma. Besides, toxic chemicals such as toilet cleaners, bathroom cleaners, mold cleaners etc adversely affect the environment. We suggest them to use on eco friendly and non toxic products. Our trainers are highly and professionally skilled to do the best green house cleaning and they will teach you how this can be easily done. In case of Green Carpet cleaning, we use light truck unit for transportation.

Faulty electrical outlets and old wiring cause electrical fires. To reduce the risk of electrical hazards, our professional trainers will guide you how to check power points and outlets, Lights and switches, Switchboards, Smoke alarms and detectors, outdoor wiring etc. They will show you how to install the correct switchboards to provide protection against loss of power and fire.

Our trainers will show you the process of installation of solar hot water, rainwater tanks to make the client’s household greener. Besides, they will discuss with you usage of the thermal imaging to detect broken pipes and other plumbing related issues. They will also help you in replacing broken pipes, installation of new drainage, Installation of Dishwasher, Installation of Water Filter and maintenance.

Our trainers will suggest you the pesticides with the lowest toxicity and apply these products where pests breed and live. They will also show you how Pest Management Approach (PMA) allows them to use an effective combination of treatment methods to ensure the environment friendly pest control system.

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